December 26, 2010

Initial sous vide observations

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First: yes, sous vide beef is excellent, one gets uniform cooking throughout and a final sear does the trick, and lesser cuts of meat can be as succulent as steak.

Second: indeed, eggs scrambled French style have a pretty unique texture, but apparently I am the only family member who actually enjoys the unique texture.

Third: it takes a while to cook many things, but it’s pretty much set and forget, so it’s pretty simple.

Fourth: the kids quite like veggies prepared this way.

Fifth: the kids eat around twice as much prepared this way vs. otherwise.

Sixth: yum!

Seventh: although one needs two rigs to really cook both protein and verge simultaneously, the probability of spousal approval approaches zero.

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  1. I reeeealy want to try this technique, but am a tad afraid of messing it up! *chuckle* Reading your post, though, motivates me to just go’head and give it a go!

    Comment by Sean T. Saunders — December 26, 2010 @ 8:36 pm

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