November 3, 2012

Prius power inverter installation

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Remove the trunk bed cover.

On our GenII Prius, the aux battery is underneath the right-side panel, which is held down by the black plastic tub under the trunk bed cover.

Lift the black plastic tub and either take it out or shove it to the left, so it’s not holding the panel down anymore.


Take out the little panel on the right hand side and you will see the aux battery underneath.


Let’s hook up a chassis ground first. 
I got proper power cables for red and black, but nothing for ground, so I made one from a thick piece of jumper cable and two copper end post connectors I picked up from Home Depot.

You should be able to see the chassis screw where there is a wire from the black battery terminal to it.  Unscrew it making sure it doesn’t fall below – I think it was 9mm socket – put the screw through our new ground wire’s post hole, and through the original one from the battery, and tighten it against the chassis once more.


Next let’s do black (neutral).  This one is easy… Undo the nut on the battery post clamp, slip on the black cable’s connector, and replace the nut.


Sanity check, make sure the other ends of your cables are not touching.  You can connect the ground and neutral cables to the power inverter now.  Make sure the inverter is off.

Last is red (hot).  You need to remove the protective red plastic cover to get at it.  You’re going to do the same thing as with black, but you want the wire to end up placed so you can put the plastic cover back on.  Taking appropriate precautions (which for me included non-conductive gloves), take off the nut, slip on your red cable’s connector – note, it may spark on first contact – and tighten back down.


You can put the wires all the way over on the right of the trunk, and put the side panel back on top.


When you connect the power inverter, do ground, then black neutral; red hot comes last, and may spark as you are connecting. (The little bonding plug fixes the “open ground” warning one may encounter otherwise.)

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