December 29, 2010

1.5 lbs. of pure yum

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Okay.  That was totally worth it.  Now we just need an induction burner for quick sear and we can get rid of the rest of the kitchen LOL

At it again, even while away

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Sirloin this time… the rig is pretty easy to transport.

December 26, 2010

Initial sous vide observations

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First: yes, sous vide beef is excellent, one gets uniform cooking throughout and a final sear does the trick, and lesser cuts of meat can be as succulent as steak.

Second: indeed, eggs scrambled French style have a pretty unique texture, but apparently I am the only family member who actually enjoys the unique texture.

Third: it takes a while to cook many things, but it’s pretty much set and forget, so it’s pretty simple.

Fourth: the kids quite like veggies prepared this way.

Fifth: the kids eat around twice as much prepared this way vs. otherwise.

Sixth: yum!

Seventh: although one needs two rigs to really cook both protein and verge simultaneously, the probability of spousal approval approaches zero.

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